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Clinical Improvement

The Council has expanded its role in supporting provincial activities that improve quality of care. We support the initiatives under the BC Ministry of Health’s Clinical Care Management program by facilitating and promoting clinical improvement initiatives and providing support for improvement projects across the province and at each of the health authorities.

For example, in early 2012 we initiated the creation of the BC Sepsis Network. This network aims to raise awareness of the importance of early identification and treatment of sepsis and make improvements in care throughout the province.

We also led a provincial collaborative that focused on improving care for stroke and TIA patients in emergency departments, delivered impressive accomplishments and is now administered by Stroke Services BC.

We also provide ongoing support to a number of initiatives designed to improving the quality of surgical care (SQAN) including 24 BC-based sites participating in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program; initiatives that focus on surgical teams’ culture, teamwork and communication; implementation of the surgical checklist; and prevention of surgical site infections.

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Key contact

Shari McKeown,
Director, Clinical Improvement
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council