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Quality Improvement Coach

  • Organization The University of British Columbia
  • Location Remote
  • Closing Date Open Until Filled

Position Type:  Part-Time (~ 5hrs/Week)

Term: 1-year Contract

Salary Range: $35/hour

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Job Summary

Consultation request for quality improvement (QI) coaching support for interprofessional primary care teams across British Columbia (BC) participating in SPIDER – a Structured Process Informed by Data, Evidence and Research as a method to improve health care for complex elderly patients. The overarching goal of this study is to assess whether SPIDER will improve care by empowering patients and physicians so that they can have more meaningful discussions about medications prescribed and taken.

The consultant will possess a high-level of capability for coaching interprofessional teams. Knowledge and skill with quality improvement methodology; data analysis and interpretation; gap analysis; goal setting; patient engagement strategies; and attention to the adaptive reserve of teams is required. The consultant will have experience working with teams and the challenges experienced with transformative change, particularly in primary care.

Anticipated average of five hours (range 0-10 hours) per week for a period of twelve months starting [January 2023].

Core competencies/abilities of a QIC:

  • Interpersonal skills to build support for, and facilitate, change:
    • Ability to adapt to practice culture/context including ‘role tailoring’ of the ability to adapt approach to the needs of the practice
  • Methods acumen for accessing and using data to drive change:
    • Ability to assess the team adaptive reserve & readiness for change and incorporate into support provided
    • Ability to assist practice to define, collect, and analyse measures and data
  • QI and change management strategies
    • Competence in the facilitation of, and application of, improvement methodologies (for SPIDER we are using the Model for Improvement)
  • Curate tools and resources for ease of use
    • Demonstrated ability to survey existing tools and resources and bring forward those that are most relevant/beneficial to practices in the context of the improvement focus
  • Communication and information dissemination to support progress
    • Ability to succinctly communicate issues, opportunities and successes related to team progress
    • Ability to effectively communicate key information with team focused on advancing progress

Core activities of a QIC in SPIDER:

  • Developing materials for learning sessions and webinars that enable learning about improvement methods
  • Developing/adapting improvement tools such as process maps, driver diagrams, etc., to support team learning and change activities
  • Communicating effectively via virtual means with each team to facilitate goals
  • Follow-up from learning sessions to collate materials and provide information as needed
  • Outreach to practices at least monthly to provide support/inquire about progress (if connection not already made in last 30 days)
  • Following up on meetings with any requested resources as needed
  • Communicating issues, opportunities, and/or accomplishments to project leadership
  • Coordinating team to team connections as beneficial to teams
  • Summarizing and communicating observations on team progress to leadership regularly

This job description is not exhaustive. Additional duties may be added as the projects progress.

If interested in the position, contact:
Rubee Dev
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Science | School of Nursing
The University of British Columbia