BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Colleen Kennedy

Director, Innovation & Engagement

Email: ckennedy@bcpsqc.ca
Twitter: @space4quality
Office: 778.471.1366
Kamloops, BC

Colleen joined the Council in 2014 as a Quality Leader supporting clinical improvement initiatives. Prior to this, she led improvement efforts across the continuum of care through her role as the Manager of Quality and Patient Safety for Interior Health West and Patient Experience for Interior Health (IH).

Colleen’s passion is to work with health care professionals at the point of care to facilitate system-level improvements. As part of this, she led the IH Diabetes Collaborative. Along with her team, Colleen also designed the quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) unit leader program, which focused on building quality improvement capacity at the point of care. In addition, she engaged with partners to develop the structure for IH Local Quality Committees and the framework for quality reviews. Previously she also served as IH’s Leader, Physician Engagement, where she collaborated with physicians on quality improvement initiatives in the lab, operating room, medical device reprocessing, obstetrics and critical care.

Colleen holds a Master of Information Studies and a Master of Health Administration from the University of British Columbia. She has completed training in quality improvement and the collaborative breakthrough series through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Colleen also has her Green and Black Belt in Lean Health Care from the Canadian Logistics Institute.

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