BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Fatima Al-Roubaiai

Leader, Capability Development

Email: fal-roubaiai@bcpsqc.ca
Twitter: @falroubaiai
Office: 236.422.3342
Penticton, BC

Fatima joined the Council in November 2015 and we’re just delighted about it!

Fatima works with the Council staff to develop, deliver, and provide leadership to the BCPSQC educational programs, workshops, and events. She is interested in using unconventional approaches to solve complex problems and what transformative leadership looks like; especially where clinicians, staff, patients and family feel supported to make potential improvements a reality. With a passion for people, she is perpetually in search of opportunities for social innovation and dialogue around improving the quality of health care and social systems in BC and beyond. She is a fan of risk-taking, good food and the occasional overshare of personal information.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Windsor, and has worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of clinical areas in Ontario and British Columbia. She is a certified Green Belt in Lean Health Care and IHI Open School grad.

Follow me on Twitter: @falroubaiai

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