BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Ian Bekker

Clinical Lead, Clear

Email: ibekker@bcpsqc.ca
Victoria, BC

Ian Bekker

Ian is a family physician with a specialty in Care of the Elderly. In 2012 he began organizing other physicians in the province who are interested in improving residential care. This developed into a 10-episode webinar series to promote best practices in clinical care and change management, and a curated collection of online resources to further support the provincial Residential Care Initiative (RCI) program.

In Victoria, where he works clinically in acute, residential care, and outpatient settings, Ian was clinical lead for TORCH (Toward Optimized Residential Care Health), a new care model of weekly physician visits and cross coverage that has 20 physicians participating. He is currently a member of the RCI Steering Committee and the RCI Excellence in Care Working Group.

Ian has also led innovations in primary care disaster planning, drivers fitness and health information management and participates in related Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health and Island Health committees. One of his interests is in trying new communication methods to improve system change adoption.