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Kile Brokop

Project Leader, Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement
Vancouver, BC

Kile joined the Council in August 2018. Prior to joining the Council, Kile worked as a project manager with the Provincial Health Services Authority within BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, as well as Doctors of BC where he was a member of the Joint Collaborative Committee Evaluation team.

At PHSA, Kile contributed to multiple projects including the development of a Performance Measurement Framework for Adult Tertiary Mental Health in BC and a provincial initiative for supporting clients with multiple and complex needs.

Kile has a strong interest in using evaluation and measurement to facilitate change and improvement at the system and practice level. For the last eight years, he has worked with a variety of stakeholders to evaluate programs and other organizational activity for the ultimate purpose of continuous quality improvement. This has included experience working in academic, NGO and health delivery contexts.

Kile holds a BA from the University of British Columbia in Sociology and he has recently completed additional courses in project management. In 2017, he was elected Secretary of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society.