BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Mike Wood

Leader, Operations

Email: mwood@bcpsqc.ca
Office: 604.668.8222
Vancouver, BC

Mike joined the Council in February 2016, where he brings strong relational, senior executive support and organizational passion to his role as our Operations Lead. Prior to joining the Council, Mike was responsible for executive and operational support within the National Nursing Assessment Service, a pan-Canadian organization of nursing executives focused on licensure of international nurses. Additionally, Mike has worked closely with CEOs throughout the country in a variety of industries including the military, nursing regulation, hospitals and with first nations groups.

Alongside his 25-year career as an administrative professional, Mike has pursued entrepreneurial interests, owning a gift and garden centre and most currently creating the first mobile boutique within the Lower Mainland. He holds landscaping and floral design certification that lend creativity and imagination to his work.

Mike is responsible for the operational aspects of the Council including information technology, human resources and facilities/records management. He plays a foundational role ensuring we are able to operate efficiently and connect seamlessly with our stakeholders and teammates.