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Stephanie Massot

Leader, Health System Improvement
Vancouver, BC

Stephanie is on maternity leave! Please contact April Price.

Stephanie joined the Council in January 2018 as an Innovation and Engagement Leader, and is thrilled to be back in Vancouver after spending five years in Toronto. Throughout her career in a variety of non-profit organizations, Stephanie has led public health/health promotion initiatives, and her ability to collaborate and build strong partnerships has been key to improved health outcomes in different community settings.

Stephanie believes that using person-centred and population lenses is central to a holistic transformation of British Columbia’s health care system. Her goal is to lead change in our health systems so that they are inclusive, equitable, and enable people to thrive in environments from hospitals to neighbourhoods. Stephanie is a connector and is energized when she can build bridges from people to people or people to tools. She has a Master of Public Health in Health Promotion.

Do you have an adventurous hike, delectable vegetarian meal, or social justice passion to share? Stephanie would love to hear about it, et si vous désirez partager en français, elle serait ravie!