BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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Our Story

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council helps the health care journey of every patient in British Columbia end in its optimal outcome.

The Council is now into its third three-year mandate. We are led by Doug Cochrane, our Chair and the Provincial Patient Safety & Quality Officer, and an additional six Council members. Our team is made of skilled and talented people who work across the province and in our main office in Vancouver.

Our initial focus was to develop and foster relationships with health system partners located across British Columbia. We recognize that each community and area within the province has its own distinct needs as well as its own wisdom and experience. We help the entire health system benefit from this information by bringing it together in collaborative partnership.

With the renewal of our initial three-year mandate in 2011, both the scope of our work and the size of our team grew. Our work focused on measurement strategies and the development of a common language and understanding of health care quality. These resources continue to serve as our backbone.

We built a website to house information, which in turn required a newsletter so that BC’s health care professionals knew the resources available to them as well as relevant news and events. We collaborated on a report on patient safety in primary care and guided the implementation of many national programs in BC’s health system.

This movement requires its own foundation: a workforce with the relevant skills, knowledge and expertise required to drive quality improvement. That’s why we established numerous learning programs and facilitate and participate on dozens of forums, committees and working groups. Each year health care professionals attend our webinars, participate in forums and meetings or attend our learning programs and they are often recognized in our annual awards program that celebrates quality improvement initiatives and leaders.

Today our initiatives and foundational work are as diverse as the people our health care system treats. We support the initiatives under the Ministry of Health’s Clinical Care Management program by leading collaboratives and networks. We are working with the province’s medical and health profession schools to develop an integrated approach to quality in their curricula. And we are developing new learning programs that will continue to grow British Columbia’s quality improvement community. Whenever possible, our work features patients as steering committee members, Faculty, expert group members, panelists, and so on.

We have made great strides over the past five years. We’ve learned what it takes to build a health system where quality and improvement are embedded into everything we do. And today we continue to pen our story.

At a Glance

Our vision
A sustainable health care system built on a foundation of quality.

Our mission
Provide system-wide leadership through collaboration with patients, the public and those working within the health system in a relentless pursuit of quality.

Great Strides on the Path to Quality
A report on our accomplishments from 2008 to 2010

What Does It Take? 
A report to our partners on our work from 2010 to 2012

How Are We Getting There?
Our annual report for 2016/2017