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Caring Unmasked

Stories of Those Working on the Front Lines of Health Care in BC

Through the two public health emergencies, a heat dome, fires, floods and protests, people working in health care have faced an incredible amount of stress over the past few years. To express our immense appreciation and to honour their experiences, we reached out to hear the stories of those who have been working on the front lines of health care from around the province. They shared with us what it has truly been like for them.

We unveiled their stories at Quality Forum 2022 in the video Caring Unmasked, which had a far greater impact than we imagined. We heard from many who said this film made them feel seen, acknowledged and appreciated.

Many asked for the video to share with colleagues, friends and family, and we recognized the importance of sharing Caring Unmasked with a broader audience. We hope this film is shared widely, is a meaningful tool for teams to reflect on the past few years and helps to foster collective healing.

While watching this film can be incredibly healing for some, it can also be difficult for others. Caring Unmasked raises a range of emotions, and it may be useful for your audiences to know this ahead of time.

Through Caring Unmasked, not only did we want to bear witness to the past few years, we were also seeking a way to say thank you – we hope that message comes through loud and clear.

Together we will heal, and we will emerge stronger.

3 comments on Caring Unmasked

  • Lisa Holloway says:

    Thank you – this is powerful, impactful, heartfelt and beautiful. I cannot describe what 2020 was like for me, because it was so complex and challenging. It impacted all of us, and to those in acute and community care who had direct care and daily risk, I am so very grateful for you. I am also truly grateful for the leadership in my own organization and to the courageous clinicians, corporate, and support staff who came to work every day while worrying about family and loved ones and gave their all. Thank you to those who bravely told their stories for this video, to those who created it and those who provided space and resources for it’s production.

  • Sandra says:

    I thank you for this film and including so many thank you sat the end was probably the most impactful piece. I organized and ran a vaccination clinic for a year. In the beginning we were loved and had people that were so excited to get their shot that they cheered and jumped up and down. It was amazing. By the end of the clinic there were people swearing at us and yelling. I tried to shield the staff and volunteers screening and checking in from it by making sure I was near the entrance always to be the one to deal with any difficult or angry people. It was the most stressful time of my career I think. My husband had passed away from cancer on August 3 2020. I took six weeks off and was back waist deep in covid’s continual and relentless change then by January we were figuring out the first covid clinic and covid vaccines became my world for the next year. Trying to staff a clinic that had as many vaccinators as we had regular staff and we had to continue providing regular services was a continuous challenge. We had a broad variety backgrounds vaccinating. It was amazing how so many people came forward to help and when I wasn’t sure how we were going to staff a clinic some days, vaccinators from other towns, and health authorities came forward to help. I made some wonderful friends through those working at the clinic. It was an amazing experience of dedication and hard work and teamwork to get us through. Thank you for this film.

  • Meaghan Ryley says:

    Thank you so much for making this video available. It shows some very important stories of people at the heart of the last two and a half years. I do wish there had been a mention of the Kamloops discovery of the 215 children and subsequent discoveries, as well as the concurrent overdose crisis, as both have also had continuous impacts to mental health. Despite those omittances, this video shouts from the rooftops, “we made it!” And is a poignant look at our healthcare system in COVID times.