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Happy Holidays From the Council!

Links Yule Love

As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on how our community responded to the challenges and stresses placed on it by COVID-19 and climate change. We’re grateful to everyone who has played a role in providing high-quality care throughout the past year and for how we came together to care for patients and for one another.

We’re continuing our annual tradition of sharing a few people and resources that inspired us or left us smiling – two things we can never have enough of. Read and watch our Links Yule Love below while you gear up for the new year. We wish you a happy holiday season and a bright, safe, restful and healthy start to 2022.

Defining Success in Patient Engagement
What makes patient engagement successful? How do we know if it’s “good” or “working well”? Read a Patient Voices Network blog post on one group’s mission to define success.

“What Matters to You?” Won Silver at the Improvement Method Olympics
With over 12,000 votes on 16 polls from people in 31 countries, the health care improvement community on Twitter recently decided the bronze, silver and gold medalists in this year’s Improvement Method Olympics. We were ecstatic to see “What Matters to You?” make a remarkable run and come in second place, earning a silver medal!

Our BC Sepsis Network Helped Prevent 172 Deaths From Sepsis
A study found that from 2014-18, work to improve sepsis care led by us and put into action by hundreds of clinicians united through our BC Sepsis Network helped prevent 981 patients from acquiring sepsis as well as 172 deaths, and saved approximately $51 million.

How to Recognize Emotional Intelligence
Helen Bevan, the Chief Transformation Officer at the UK’s National Health Service Horizons, is one of our quality improvement community’s biggest influencers. Check out one of her top tweets of the year on recognizing emotional intelligence in yourself and others.

The BMJ Christmas Issue
Continuing our annual tradition of sharing the BMJ Christmas Issue, this year you can enjoy a few lighthearted articles, including a study comparing cognitive testing scores in neurosurgeons and aerospace engineers to help settle the age-old argument of which phrase – “It’s not brain surgery” or “It’s not rocket science” – is most deserved.

Building Moments of Connection in Virtual Patient Engagement
Isabel Jordan, a Patient Voices Network patient partner, wrote an inspiring story on patient engagement and her time as a patient partner with Healthcare Excellence Canada. In it, she reminds us to slow down and practice being intentional.

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