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Happy Holidays from the Council!

As we near the end of 2018, we’d like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful start to the new year from all of us here at the Council!

We’re so grateful to our growing community of change agents and improvement leaders for reading and sharing our articles and resources. We’ve enjoyed connecting with you throughout the year and we look forward to supporting and sharing more ideas and opportunities for improvement in 2019!

Below are links to resources that caught our attention in 2018. These pieces, which you can read, watch or listen to, resonated with us and left us feeling inspired. We hope they’ll help you kick off the new year with a renewed passion for improving our health care system. Enjoy!

PATIENT Podcast Series (Season 2)
The Canadian Patient Safety Institute‘s PATIENT podcast returns to our list for the second year in a row with their excellent non-fiction medical drama about people trying to fix the modern health care system from the inside out. Listen here.

Greg’s Wings
This gripping short film (which we’ll be screening at QF19) details Greg Price’s journey through the health care system and highlights the unfortunate events of his journey that led to his unexpected death. The film is impactful, heartfelt and an important reminder of why we work to improve the health care system. Watch the trailer and request a screening.

The Breathr Mindfulness App
The Breathr app was developed by BC Children’s Hospital medical professionals, mindfulness experts and youth, making it an informed and evidence-based resource. The app aims to reduce stress, maintain focus and contribute to overall mental wellness of youth. Learn more about this inspiring project.

In Praise of Deviants
This Forbes article was one of our most popular links of the year! In this piece, George Bradt explains why every team needs disrupters, rebels, challengers and deviants in order to thrive. Read the article.

The BMJ Christmas Issue
Our favourite holiday tradition – we wait all year for this one! This year’s Christmas issue includes an article on the importance of kindness, a lighter side to recording clinical data, a lexicon for gender bias in academia and medicine, and so much more. Read the issue.

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