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Teamwork & Communication Action Series Wave 1 – Action Period 4

How we work as a team and communicate with each other are essential elements of a healthy culture. Improving non-technical skills such as how we communicate, how we respond to the environment around us, and how we work together in a team are crucial for achieving high quality patient care.

In Wave 1 of this Action Series, we invited teams across BC to participate in four action periods and webinars to improve their teamwork & communication skills.

Action Period 4

Webinar Recording

Click here to download the slides from this recording.

Action Period Guides

4: Trust & Leadership

Additional Resources for Action Period 4

The additional resource below is also embedded in the action period guide. To access it within the guide, open the file in your Adobe PDF reader.

1 – Team Assessment Questionnaire

2 – Have You Experienced Fun in the Workplace? An Empirical Study

3 – The Influence of Authentic Leadership Behaviour on Trust and Work Outcomes of Health Care Staff

Program: BCPSQC