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Welcome to the New!

Find Out What We've Improved

Hello! We’re excited to share our redesigned website with you: welcome to our new online home!

We’re always looking for ways to improve and offer more support to our community. Our website is one of the main platforms we use to share information and resources with folks from across the province and beyond, and so last year we began working on a redesign to make it work better for you, now and in the future.

Some of you may remember that back in August, we asked for your feedback on how we could improve our website. Some of your suggestions included:

  • Making the website mobile-friendly, so you could browse it on your smartphones or tablets
  • Including more videos and visual content
  • Improving our Resources hub (formerly called Knowledge Centre) to make it easier for you to find tools and information
  • Adding design elements that make the website easier to navigate, like an improved menu

We took all your feedback and used it in the development of this new site. We also did a very thorough spring-cleaning of our website content, to make sure everything is up to date, easy to read, and relevant to your work!

As you explore this new site, you might notice that we’ve moved some pages around. Our goal is to make the website easier to use for returning visitors as well as new ones. But if you have any feedback on how things could be even better, or if you’re having trouble finding something, please let us know! We’re always listening.

We hope you find our new Council site to be a great resource, and we look forward to continuing to improve in our work – online and off!

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