BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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Summer Studentships in Quality Improvement

We are excited to announce the fourth annual summer studentship program for the summer of 2016. The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council is offering funding to support summer students to work with teams across the province to improve care. Teams from any publicly-funded health organization are eligible to submit a project proposal. This program offers students an opportunity to conduct meaningful quality improvement projects while gaining valuable experience in the BC health care setting.

The project term will up to be 225 hours of work that can take place between June to August 2016.

Project proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Patient Impact Preference will be given to projects that will have a tangible impact on patient care and outcomes
Multidisciplinary Teams Proposals that involve the student work as part of a larger multidisciplinary team
Clinical Champion Teams who have clinical champions who will act as the supervisor for the summer student during her/his term and who will assure that students will receive clinical exposure where relevant as part of the studentship.
Scope of Project The scope of the student project needs to be clearly defined, achievable in the short 6-8 week time frame, completion by the end of summer and have clear learning outcomes that can be assessed and reported out at the end of the project
Educational Benefit Projects that encourage skill building within the quality improvement framework
Geographic Distribution Priority will be given to distribute awards throughout the province, if appropriate proposals are received
Topic Priority will be given to project topics that align with Ministry of Health and/or BCPSQC strategic directions

Each studentship carries funding to support a wage ($17/hr) for up to 225 hours of student work. Students will also be paid for an additional 7.5 hours and have travel costs covered (if required) to attend an in-person student education day at the BCPSQC main office in Downtown Vancouver. Funding will also be available (up to $800 per student) to support the dissemination of project results, travel/conference fees to present or the publication costs of a research article. This program is open to medical students, students from the allied health disciplines, graduate and undergraduate students.

Please note: student hiring process has changed from previous years

Once project proposals have been reviewed and successful sites are notified, the projects will be posted to the BCPSQC website as summer studentship positions. Students will apply through BCPSQC for the specific projects they are interested in. The top two applicants for each project will be jointly interviewed by a BCPSQC staff member and a representative from the successful organization. Decisions on successful student applicants will be made in collaboration between the two organizations.

Student supervisors are asked to provide the space, supplies, and other resources that the applicant requires to complete the project.

Learn more about projects funded in 20132014 & 2015.