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We are currently inviting long-term care homes in British Columbia to join Clear, a voluntary initiative that will support them to reduce the number of residents who are prescribed antipsychotic medications, as Action & Improvement Teams or Supporters.

This is the third wave of Clear (which used to be known as CLeAR: A Call for Less Antipsychotics in Residential Care), and this time we’re inviting care homes that have more residents receiving antipsychotics without a diagnosis of psychosis than the BC average of 25%.

Is your care home interested in joining Clear?
Sign up by December 1.
Please note that space for Action & Improvement Teams is currently reserved for care homes with more than 25% of their residents prescribed antipsychotics without a diagnosis of psychosis. Contact us if you’re unsure of your percentage or wish to be added to a waitlist.

We have plenty of reasons why you should join Clear, and some great stories and research into how we’ve made a difference for residents and staff. You should also know that:

You won’t be alone
Together with care homes across BC, you’ll learn from advisors and clinical experts with extensive knowledge in improving care for seniors. You will also learn from care homes that have already participated in Clear about how they were able to reduce their antipsychotic use.

You’ll access responsive, adaptable support to lead practice change
You will learn to assess and measure changes to improve care, including collecting new data as well as using data your care home already collects. We’ll provide support in areas such as interpreting the data, change strategies and clinical best practices.

And you will apply new skills throughout all of your work
Your team members will learn a variety of skills and tools that will help improve quality of care for residents and then assist with sustaining those achievements. These skills and tools you develop through Clear will also help you address other challenging clinical issues in your care home.

Learn more about why your care home should join Clear.

At a Glance

Download a commissioned evaluation of Wave 2.

Key Contacts

Tara Fitzgerald
Quality Leader

Geoff Schierbeck
Quality Leader

Mary Lou Lester
Quality Leader