BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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Wave 1
In Wave 1, 48 care homes made significant progress towards their goals by adapting existing knowledge to their own environments, with many individual homes seeing dramatic reductions in their use of antipsychotic medications. Read a report of Wave 1 here.

Wave 2
Most recently, 40 care homes participated in Wave 2 of Clear, from September 2015 through December 2016. Collectively, they made a tremendous impact – reducing or discontinuing antipsychotics prescriptions for 1,001 residents.

These results – and many more – are captured in a commissioned evaluation of Wave 2. The report summarizes the effectiveness of Clear, as well as how well it achieve its goals and objectives.

Key Takeaways from Wave 2’s Report
1. Decreased use of antipsychotic medication
2. Improved quality of life for residents
3. Built capacity for quality improvement
4. Increased resident care planning for quality of life and safety
5. Decreased residents on antipsychotics without a diagnosis of psychosis
6. Increased use of best practice management for residents with BPSD
7. Improved culture by enhancing teamwork and communication in workplace and workflow
8. Changes resulting from CLeAR are considered sustainable

Download the Wave 2 report.