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CCM Measurement

Data Drives Improvement!

What does this really mean? It’s about understanding the system we are working in, and knowing when we’ve made a difference.  It is fundamental to improving health care.

For the Clinical Care Management quality improvement initiative, the implementation of best practice guidelines is followed by a step-by-step process to provide clinicians with the information they need to assess current performance. It’s how they find out if the changes they are making actually make a difference to patient outcomes.

What are we measuring?

Measures are chosen by provincial clinical expert groups to provide clinicians with meaningful, easily understood information about:

  • How well they are doing in providing the best care possible (process measures);
  • How changes to care processes are adversely affecting other parts of the system (balancing measures); and
  • How these improvements are making a difference in their patient’s health and well-being (outcome measures).

Here is the Clinical Care Management Data Guide.

How is the data collected?

Metrics are designed so that data collection is feasible, with clear operational definitions for maximum reliability and validity. Sample sizes are set to provide a representation of the population of assessment.  In some cases, auditors gather information from patient charts. In other cases, data is gathered from within databases. Existing data sources are used where possible, and patient privacy is always protected.

Here are frequently asked questions about measurement for each topic.

What are we aiming for?

Process improvement goals (based on current provincial performance, best practice literature, and national/international comparators where available), set by the provincial clinical expert groups, provide everyone with motivation and direction for changing care.

Learn more about provincial improvement goals.

How can I see how our site or organization is doing?

Results are monitored and data displayed to detect variation and improvement, and to determine if changes are sustained over time. The regional and provincial-level data is analyzed and interpreted by provincial clinical expert groups and the Clinical Care Management Steering Committee members.

Site-level data is available for use by front-line clinician improvement teams. Contact the CCM leads for your health authority, or your health authority representative on the clinical expert group of the topic you are interested in, to use the data for quality improvement at your site.

Click here to find out who to contact in your organization.

By measuring and understanding current performance, we can work together to shift our system to one that provides optimum and safe quality care for our patients.