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World Sepsis Day 2016

To date, sepsis improvements in BC have focused primarily on emergency departments. In 2013, the 150 Lives campaign supported 32 Emergency Departments in screening and treating sepsis, to great effect: 755 patients were treated with a sepsis protocol, and we estimated that 151 lives were saved!  Evidence suggests, however, that an even greater mortality benefit may be found by addressing inpatient-acquired sepsis1, 2.


That’s why we are excited to release the Speed is Life Inpatient Sepsis Toolkit as part of World Sepsis Day. Why do we say “Speed is Life”? The faster a patient is diagnosed and treated, the better their chance of survival. Dr. David Sweet, an emergency and intensive care physician, and our Clinical Lead for sepsis, states: “We want all admitted patients to be monitored for potential new infections acquired during their hospital stay and ensure they are treated appropriately to prevent them developing sepsis or septic shock.”

This toolkit aims to provide BC inpatient hospital wards with information, resources and tools to successfully initiate, implement and spread best practices for hospital-acquired infections in pediatric and adult patients. It is designed for multidisciplinary teams and clinical leaders working on inpatient wards who want to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of infection early – and treat it effectively.


Resources for World Sepsis Day 2016

World Sepsis Day 2016 timeline of events

World Sepsis Congress

  • September 13: World Sepsis Day. We will launch the Speed is Life toolkit on Twitter with a short video and the hashtags #sepsis and #WSD16.
  • September 13: Sepsis Webinar. The Canadian Critical Care Society is hosting a webinar titled Caring for Septic Patients: An Update for Critical Care Practitioners from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PST on World Sepsis Day. Register here!


Sample tweets:

  • Want to improve inpatient #sepsis ID & treatment? @BCSepsis has a new toolkit for you! http://ow.ly/LhVW303kVQd
  • Overcome barriers to inpatient #sepsis ID & treatment with this new @BCSepsis toolkit. http://ow.ly/x07s303kVX5
  • New inpatient #sepsis screening tools available from @BCSepsis in time for #WorldSepsisDay! http://ow.ly/RsK9303kVYH
  • For #sepsis, ‘Speed is Life.’ Learn about timely recognition & treatment at www.bcsepsis.ca #bchc
  • On Sep 8+9, join 70 speakers from 20 countries on the number 1 cause of death: #sepsis. Details: http://www.worldsepsiscongress.org/ #WSC2016
  • 70 speakers, 20 countries, 13 sessions, 2 days: the 1st World #Sepsis Congress is Sep 8+9! Details: http://www.worldsepsiscongress.org/ #WSC16
  • The World #Sepsis Declaration: reduce sepsis incidence by 20% by 2020! Show your support http://ow.ly/bLOQ303kVzv #WorldSepsisDay
  • Take 97 seconds to consider the impact #sepsis has on families left behind. http://ow.ly/7jXC303kUFc
  • #Sepsis affects nearly 2x as many ppl as stroke & heart attacks. Learn more: http://ow.ly/Uu8Z303kVpA #WorldSepsisDay
  • Someone dies of #sepsis every 3-4 seconds. Sep 13 is #WorldSepsisDay – learn to recognize early warning signs. http://ow.ly/QS7a303kVi2
  • Sep 13 is #WorldSepsisDay! Learn more about how BC is improving care for #sepsis at www.bcsepsis.ca #bchc
  • Learn how to stop #sepsis deaths & provide “Best Care, No Matter Where” – join the BC Sepsis Network http://ow.ly/UnB6303kVtb @BCSepsis #bchc



  1. One study of over 15,000 patients found mortality rates for patients admitted to ICU from hospital wards was significantly higher (46.8%) than for those admitted from the Emergency Department (27.6%). Source: Levy M et al. The Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Results of an international guideline performance campaign to improvement program targeting severe sepsis. Crit Care Med 2010;38:2.
  2. Additionally, an implementation study of sepsis identification and treatment algorithms found the greatest benefit for inpatients (15.4%) when compared to the Emergency Dept (13.9%) or ICU (12.1%). Source: Cannon C et. al. The Genesis Project: A multicenter Quality Improvement Collaborative. J of Int Care Med 2013;28(6):355-68.

At a Glance

Follow the BC Sepsis Network on Twitter (@bcsepsis) and join the conversation by including the #sepsis hashtag in your tweets.

Jennie Aitken
Quality Leader

David Sweet
Clinical Lead


1. Global Sepsis Alliance
2. Inpatient Sepsis
3. World Sepsis Day Organisation
4. World Sepsis Congress
5. The BC Sepsis Network


1. BC Sepsis Network Graphic
2. Inpatient Sepsis Toolkit (PDF)