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BC Sepsis Network

The BC Sepsis Network was established in June 2012 to provide a mechanism of support for clinicians in emergency departments around our province to share resources, improve consistency of care, spread innovation and improvement ideas, and collaborate on change.

Sepsis leaders within the network are implementing the new BC Sepsis Guidelines in our hospitals, delivering simple therapies quickly and screening patients effectively as soon as they come in the door.

We need your help.

We are working together to create a movement in sepsis care for our patients, for ourselves and for our family members.

Our vision

During a vision exercise at the network’s launch on June 19, BC Sepsis Network leaders indicated the most important outcome of our work should be to reduce mortality and morbidity, and to ensure sepsis patients receive the best care possible, no matter where they live in our province.

Stop unnecessary sepsis deaths. ‘Best Care, No Matter Where’

Our goal

We will reduce sepsis mortality rates throughout BC by identifying sepsis patients early, using best clinical practices, and achieving seamless transitions of care. Show your commitment and learn more by joining the BC Sepsis Network below.

Our principles for working together as a Network

  • We are inclusive and multidisciplinary
  • We build energy and momentum through ‘grassroots’ peer-to-peer engagement
  • We are solution-focused, positive and respectful.
  • We speak as one voice. Our messaging is consistent.
  • We meet face-2-face annually if possible and through technology when not
  • We share resources, support each other, teach each other and are accountable to each other

Join the BC Sepsis Network!

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At a Glance

Follow the BC Sepsis Network on Twitter (@bcsepsis) and join the conversation by including the #sepsis hashtag in your tweets.

Interested in joining or forming a sepsis improvement team in your own hospital? Contact us today.

Key Contacts:

David Sweet
Clinical Lead

Kate Harris
Quality Leader