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10,000 Reasons to Race for Infection Prevention


1O,OOO. It’s a big number. Too big.

It’s the number of surgical patients each year in BC who get a surgical site or urinary tract infection1.

Data from British Columbia’s NSQIP hospitals shows that, as a collective, we rank in the bottom 20% of all 500 member hospitals when it comes to SSI and UTI rates.

These two significantly poor outcomes continue to challenge us which is why, together with the BCPSQC, we’ve launched our 10K Race for Infection Prevention.

In October, participating surgical teams will begin training by learning from hospitals that reduced their SSI and UTI rates. They will be energized by ongoing education and sharing of successes and supported by a team with quality improvement and clinical experience.

The finish line is a 50% reduction in the number of surgical site and urinary tract infections in BC by November 20162.

Ready? Set? Go here to sign up, or learn more here.

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What is the 10K?

Why should you join the 10K?

  1. Estimate based on NSQIP SSI and UTI rates applied to total number of surgeries
    that were eligible for the surgical checklist.
  2. From 4.4% to 2.2% based on 2014 NSQIP UTI/SSI rates

At a Glance

Key Contacts:

Kimberly McKinley
Quality Leader

Geoff Schierbeck
Quality Leader






Download, print and share our 10K brochure.
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