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10,000 Reasons to Race for Infection Prevention

In 2015, we launched an improvement collaborative to reduce infections occurring after surgery. With 10,000 surgical patients in BC suffering from a surgical site infection (SSI) or urinary tract infection (UTI) each year, the “10K” focused on 10,000 Reasons to Race for Infection Prevention and aimed to reduce SSIs and UTIs at participating teams’ sites by 50% by November 2016.

The 10K supported 12 participating hospitals to develop SSI and UTI reduction goals and use quality improvement methodology and data collected through their participation in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, to meet them. Several valuable resources were created for improvement teams to use throughout the initiative:

Many sites that participated in the 10K began using their NSQIP data consistently for improvement efforts, and some achieved 100% compliance with their process measures. For sites that focused on SSI as an outcome measure, there were some changes in infection rates that, while not significant, did indicate that improvements were being made. A full evaluation of the 10K will be available on our website later this year.

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Geoff Schierbeck
Quality Leader