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10K Launch Event

The 10K Launch Event was held on October 29 and 30th and it was a great success!  We met at the start line and kick-started our race for infection prevention in BC!

Key themes from your comments include:

  • Future webinars on clinical practice & guidelines
  • Additional support for data and analysis
  • Connections & learnings from teams who with successful improvement projects
  • One-on-one team support for action planning

Here are the Driver Diagram, presentations and other resources from these events:


TRIZ: How can we make sure every surgical patient gets an infection? – Kimberly McKinley

Overcoming roadblocks – Andrew Campbell and Shannon Santana

Teamwork and Communication – Colleen Kennedy, Trina Montemurro and Geoff Schierbeck

Your Racing Gear: Resources to help you improve care – Kimberly McKinley, Andrew Campbell and Geoff Schierbeck

Preventing UTIs – Julie Bedford

Preventing UTIs – Kourosh Afshar

Measuring your progress – Kimberly McKinley

Teamwork and Communication: Tips from a seasoned ‘athlete’ – Gary Redekop

Preventing SSIs – Jim Capstick

Learning from Novice Racers – Irena Zivkovik

Learning from Novice Racers – Patricia Caddy



Introduction to 10K – Dr. Doug Cochrane

Preventing UTIs – Kourosh Afshar and Julie Bedford

Teamwork and Communication: Tips from a seasoned ‘athelete’ – Gary Redekop