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What is the 10K?

Our 10K starts in October

Training will include learning from hospitals that reduced their surgical site infection (SSI) rates in clean and clean-contaminated surgeries by 60% from 2005-20101.

We’ll also learn from the successes of 10 BC hospitals that dropped their collective urinary tract infection (UTI) rates from 3% to 2.25% between 2011-20132.

We can get off the starting line by implementing best practices to prevent urinary tract infections, and by using four key prevention strategies that significantly reduce the risk of SSIs:

1. Perioperative antimicrobial coverage
2. Appropriate hair removal
3. Maintenance of perioperative glucose control
4. Perioperative normothermiarunningman


The 10K is a quality improvement collaborative led by the BCPSQC through the Surgical Quality Action Network and a team of clinical faculty consisting of a surgeon, an anesthesiologist and a clinical nurse who are actively providing patient care in BC.runningman

The 10K will run for 12 months. Teams can join the initiative now, and we’ll get ready together. We’ll get off the line with a two-day launch event on October 29 and 30, 2015 in Vancouver that will include a workshop on shifting culture to support improvement, tools and strategies for quality improvement and hands-on work to get your team started.

Throughout the year, we’ll set the pace by supporting teams to work on various elements of infection prevention. Pit stops will include clinical education, improvement webinars and regional workshops. We’ll provide feedback on progress and help individual teams overcome hurdles. We will support teams using their current improvement strategies, including Lean, Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, The Productive Operating Theatre, and Releasing Time to Care – and build off work that has already been done like Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and Clinical Care Management.

Data collection is an integral part of understanding and improving your system, at both individual site and provincial collaborative levels. Each site will share its data for learning and provincial analysis. We’ll use data from existing sources whenever possible to reduce the data collection burden.

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At a Glance

Are you a rural hospital performing a small number of surgeries each year?

Are you a NSQIP hospital aware of your infection rates and ready to act?

Have you achieved a big improvement in one area and want to tackle another?

You can enter our race!

Key Contacts:

Kimberly McKinley
Quality Leader

Geoff Schierbeck
Quality Leader

Download, print and share our 10K brochure.
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