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Why Should You Join the 10K?

Together with your team, you will build an approach that fits your site, no matter its size and whether or not it has a current measurement strategy. It will be built on a foundation of:


We won’t hit the wall! Through the year there will be local support and coaching. As we head into the home stretch, together we will demonstrate how a focused goal can make a difference for individual patients and improve the quality of surgical care offered throughout BC.

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Let’s Race Together

Your surgical team can reduce the number of patients who suffer an SSI or UTI. It will be joined throughout the race by teams from across BC: surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, assistants, quality leaders and others who care about improving surgical patient outcomes and experiences.

You’ll be supported by mentors who will help your team achieve its goal through quality improvement methods, innovative approaches to change and clinical expertise.

We have an ambitious goal – but it is one that will take us in the right direction. Others have shown it is achievable.

Let’s race together to reduce the risk for surgical patients in BC.

Do it Your Way

We know there are many improvement initiatives currently underway, different methods of data collection and multiple improvement methodologies in use across BC.

Anyone can participate in our 10K Race for Infection Prevention by aligning our shared objectives with your local priorities, and by building on established successes and frameworks.

Your hospital doesn’t have to be a NSQIP member in order to enter our race.

Want to know who has already joined us for The 10K?

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At a Glance

Key Contacts:

Kimberly McKinley
Quality Leader

Geoff Schierbeck
Quality Leader

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