BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

BC Summit on Surgical Improvement

On January 22, 2018, the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council partnered with the Joint Clinical Committees to host the BC Summit on Surgical Improvement: Advancing Surgical Optimization and Enhanced Recovery.

Within the context of BC’s surgical services strategy, the purpose of this summit was to bring together patient representatives, physicians and surgical team members, operational leaders, policy makers and QI experts involved with elective surgical care to collaborate on an action plan for:

  • Surgical Optimization – Integrate and coordinate care across providers to enhance surgical patients’ experience and outcomes.
  • Enhanced Recovery – Build on success and positive patient outcomes experienced by surgical teams that have adopted enhanced recovery care pathways.

The summit featured keynote speakers Dr. Liane Feldman from McGill University and Dr. Gregg Nelson from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, who addressed bridging the gap between evidence and practice and the need for surgical optimization to start well before the surgery date. Breakout sessions and workshops provided multiple opportunities for participants to learn about existing tools, discuss best practices and explore plans for the next steps in surgical pathways.

The full-day summit included opportunities to coordinate care across providers by expanding surgical pathways to include surgical optimization for patients in BC and launching action plans on the spread of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS).

View slides from each session (coming soon!)

View a summary of change ideas from participants (coming soon!)