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Canadian NSQIP Collaborative

There is growing interest among NSQIP sites across Canada to form a national collaborative. We are hearing that sites would like to learn from each other and be able to compare their data to the Canadian average.

In August 2013, NSQIP team members at Canadian sites were surveyed about potential goals or topics of focus for the collaborative, as well as logistics about meetings and organization. Here’s the summary of the survey results:

  • Interest in forming a Canadian NSQIP Collaborative is strong among survey respondents.
  • The most popular goal for the Collaborative is the sharing of ideas for improvement and success stories.
  • There is support for a wide variety of meeting topics, although undertaking “joint projects based on the Canadian perspective”, received the most support.
  • Respondents preferred that the BC Surgical Quality Action Network coordinate the Collaborative for the first year.
  • Canadian NSQIP sites are interested in having regular meetings, either in person or virtually.