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Local Risk-Adjusted Model

The Local Risk-Adjusted Model aims to supplement the Semi-Annual Reports (SARs) to provide more timely data for BC NSQIP hospitals. Hospitals enrolled in the American College of Surgeons NSQIP receive SARs every 6 months as well as cumulative non-identifiable, non-risk-adjusted data.

Using the same data that BC NSQIP hospitals submit to ACS NSQIP, Local Risk-Adjusted reports will be provided to participating BC NSQIP sites on a semi-annual basis, aiming for November and May of each calendar year. Each site will receive risk adjusted data on a quarterly basis from either BCPSQC or ACS.

Benefits of the Local Risk-Adjusted Model

  • Receive risk-adjusted data on a quarterly basis from either ACS or BCPSQC
  • Local Model reports will include data that is more recent than SARs
    (data in SARs is 6 months old versus 3 months old for Local Model reports)
  • Identify local predictors. Are BC patients different, and if so, why?

 What is needed from the SCR?

  • Raw data will be download for designated time periods and submitted securely
  • SCR time investment is minimal

At a Glance

Key Contact:

Kimberly McKinley
Surgical Quality Leader & Data Specialist
(250) 492.4000 ext 2772