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Cultural Safety & Humility Action Series

You are invited to the First Nations Health Authority and BC Patient Safety & Quality Council cultural safety and cultural humility webinar action series! 12 webinar events will take place over the next year to encourage participation, learning, self-reflection and positive change among BC’s health care professionals.

The series will support development of tools and skills on how to be effective allies for advancing cultural safety and humility and what health service staff and allies can do to understand and integrate this work into their practice or interaction with First Nations and Aboriginal Clients.

Hear from thought leaders such as Joe Gallagher, Dr. Evan Adams, Dr. Nadine Caron, Margo Greenwood, and representatives from each regional health authority in the province.

Learn more at the FNHA website.

Upcoming events

April 5 – This event has been cancelled.

May 3 – What Does Cultural Safety and Humility Mean as a Nurse?
Presenters: Becky Palmer (First Nations Health Authority), Ines Point, Lisa San, Fairlie Mendosa

June 7 – Complaints and Kudos Process– Making Them Accessible, Safe, Clear and Welcoming for First Nations and Aboriginal People in the North
Presenters: Margo Greenwood, Northern Health & Nicole Cross, First Nations Health Authority

July 5 – Cultural Safety Program within Island Health
Presenters: Ian Knipe, Harley Eagle, Yvette Ringham-Cowan (Fraser Health) & Cowichan Tribal Partner (TBD)

August 2 – Personal Stories of Experience with the Health System
Presenter: TBA

September 6 – Cultural Safety Framework & Action Plan from Vancouver Coastal Health
Presenter: Leslie Bonshor, Vancouver Coastal Health

October 4 – Where are First Nations and Aboriginal People at Threat in the Health System
Presenter: Cheryl Ward, Provincial Health Services Authority

November 1 – Leading with Culture in Community Contexts
Presenter: TBA

Past events

October 4 – Leading a Framework for Cultural Safety & Humility (video & slides)

November 2 – Learning and Advancing the Recommendations of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (video & slides)

December 7 – The Importance of Story to Cultural Safety (video & slides)

January 4 – Intergenerational Trauma & Institutional Avoidance (video & slides)

February 1 – Pursuing Cultural Safety: From Unearthing Bias to Realizing Reconciliation.
Presenters: Vishal Jain, Carol Peters, Dina Lambright (Fraser Health)

March 1 – Best of Both Worlds: Dimensions of Quality, Indigenous Perspectives (in-person)