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Better Together Campaign

Better Together: Partnering with Families is a campaign encouraging hospitals to make a pledge to review their visiting policies, with a view to adopting family presence policies. 

90% of Canadians are supportive of family presence policies, but currently only one in four Canadian hospitals have them.

The Better Together campaign is a North American campaign from the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI), in partnership with the Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care (IPFCC).

Better Together aims to change the role of families from “visitors” into “partners in care” through the implementation of family presence policies in Canadian hospitals. Family presence policies enable patients to designate family members or other loved ones who can stay by their side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This approach allows the patient’s designated caregivers to participate more fully in their care and provide comfort and emotional support.

Better Together is asking hospitals to make a pledge to:

  1. Review the organization’s organizational visiting hour policies and website with input from patients, families, clinicians, and other staff
  2. Develop a family presence policy that enables patients to designate a partner in care who is welcome in the hospital 24 hours a day
  3. Implement a family presence policy, and monitor the impacts of this change in practice

Take the pledge now!

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council endorses the Better Together campaign, which is one element of a balanced strategy to improve patient safety and quality of care. The Better Together campaign is grounded in evidence that family presence policies improve patient outcomes and experiences, and does not increase the risk of infections, disruptions to staff, or other adverse outcomes.

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