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Change Day BC

Change Day BC was October 15, 2015 (15.10.15).  We invited anyone involved in health, social and community care to commit to making a change or trying something new. And we mean anyone! Patients, residents, clients, and those working in the system joined our campaign- you can see their pledges here. All in all, there were 7877 acts of change from British Columbians- way more than our goal of 5000. Change Day BC was even an official provincial proclamation.

Change Day BC was created to build on a successful global movement started in 2013 by the National Health Services (NHS) in England. Countries from all over the world have since launched their own change days, spreading the energy and excitement to improve care. Globally, over a million people have made pledges.

We believe that individual acts of change – regardless of their size – can add up to significant improvements for British Columbians and the health, social, community care system.

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Click to download our report, and see all the activities, accomplishments, stories, and pledges from Change Day BC!

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Colleen Kennedy
Director, Innovation & Engagement

Manny Sahota
Program Assistant, Innovation & Engagement