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Innovation Resources

If improvement is doing things better, innovation is doing things differently. It is a complete rethink; it is about approaching a solution from a new direction.

Innovation isn’t simple. Coming up with new ideas when you’ve been doing something for a long time can feel overwhelming. Also, people often don’t consider themselves as “innovative”, “creative” or “right-brain thinkers”.

In fact, the ability to be innovative is a learned skill, and can be improved with practice. There are so many tools and methods out there that can help us think differently – ways to stretch our thinking to explore something new.

The idea of design thinking was developed at IDEO and the d.school at Stanford. Their frameworks provide a methodology to generate new ideas, insights and innovation.

Innovation Lab
We ran an Innovation Lab at Quality Forum 16. This session curated knowledge around innovation and design thinking and provided the opportunity to take some innovative approaches for a test run. Here are the slides and worksheets from the day:

Innovation Lab Slides
Innovation Lab Worksheets Final

We’ve created a cool new resource to facilitate working with groups to accelerate improvement through interactive team-building activities. It is designed to develop communication skills, model adaptive systems, shift culture, and foster innovation, creativity, and thought diversity.

Check out our new ATTIC resource – who knows what you might come up with!!

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