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Releasing Time to Care

The Council is supporting several teams from across BC to implement Releasing Time to Care (RT2C) in residential care, community, acute inpatient and mental health settings.

RT2C is part of the Productive Series, originally developed by the NHS in England. The program provides participating organizations with an opportunity to engage point-of-care staff in leading change to improve care for patients, clients or residents. RT2C has improved patient, client and resident experience and health outcomes while supporting the development of communication, problem-solving and quality improvement skills within care teams.

The Productive Ward Modules

These modules are applicable for acute inpatient units and can be adapted for residential care and community-based settings.

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The Productive Mental Health Ward Modules

These modules are applicable for acute inpatient mental health units and can also be adapted for community-based mental health settings.

Results and Successes

In British Columbia, RT2C is being implemented in acute inpatient units (including mental health) as well as in residential care and community-based settings. Some of the results seen to date include:

  • Increased direct care time from 25% to 40%
  • Reduced falls by 29%
  • Decreased interruptions for RNs from 216 per shift (18/hr) to 132 per shift (11/hr)
  • Decreased length of handover by 1/3, while increasing the quality of information exchanged
  • Decreased infection rates (MRSA, UTI, C. difficile, etc.)
  • Reduced staff sick time and turnover

Want to learn more?

Download our 2-page summary of the program and what participation entails.

Please note: training for 2015 has already taken place; these summaries are for reference only.

Additional information about Releasing Time to Care is also available on the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement‘s website (now being administered by NHS Improving Quality)

Access tools & resources for RT2C on the CLWK website (log-in required, members only)

At a Glance

Videos: Learn more about RT2C!

Residential Care & Assisted Living

Acute Inpatient & Mental Health


Robin Speedie
Leader, Innovation & Engagement, BCPSQC

Geoff Schierbeck
Quality Leader, BCPSQC