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Accelerating Primary Care Conference

Let’s Discuss What Matters Most for Continuity of Care

The Accelerating Primary Care Conference (APCC) gathers together the brightest minds and the most passionate hearts to explore their collective knowledge and build a better future for primary care in Alberta.

Join fellow innovators at APCC if you are looking for a:
  • Fresh perspective through awareness of what matters most to patients, providers and systems regarding continuity of care.
  • Place to start by understanding the components of continuity and what facilitators and barriers matter most in advancing continuity of care.
  • Knowledge of the gaps that patients and providers experience and identification of opportunities within the continuum of care.
  • Desire to adapt by recognizing the unique needs of patients and families.
  • Recognition of the potential technology has to foster improvements in continuity of care.
  • New energy to get started through engaging conversations with peers to develop action plans and share the best practices that are worth spreading and scaling.

Click here to view the conference poster.