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COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens: Collaboration of Health and Community Resources during the Pandemic and Opioid Crisis in the Comox Valley

The words 'Team-Based Care BC'.

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As a response to the emergent COVID-19 Pandemic in the Comox Valley, a group of clinical and community partners quickly gathered to develop an approach to provide enhanced integrated primary care services.

Representatives from across the clinical, acute and community agency care spectrum came together to determine gaps in communication, services, patient flow and resources required to support vulnerable populations and those who are/were unhoused during this unprecedented time.

This webinar will include a round table discussion with the participants involved in this work. They will talk about the interprofessional partnership that was formed, discuss the successes in patient care and attachment as a result of the partnership, share lessons learned and respond to questions from the participant audience.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Challenges faced due to the pandemic, including gaps in care across the spectrum
  • Changes made and the impact on the quality of care for patients in our community
  • Programs, processes in place now, and how we hope to sustain them going forwards
  • What contributed to success in the Comox Valley

COVID-19 Through a Quality Lens is a series of distinct webinars, each one highlighting important learning that has emerged from a quality perspective during the health care response to the pandemic. As the province prepares for a potential second wave of COVID-19, the series aims to mobilize critical knowledge and enhance the understanding of the new normal moving forward.

Speakers from different areas of the health care system will share several insights around the impacts of COVID-19 in their respective areas of care, including:

  • Challenges that emerged as a result of the pandemic
  • How any changes in the system impacted the quality of care
  • What improvements to care were realized
  • What improvements can be sustained and widespread


Maureen Clark
Leader, Health System Improvement, BCPSQC
Comox Valley Primary Care Network

Anthony Gagne (Moderator)
Leader, Learning & Capability Development, BCPSQC