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Designing & Delivering Sustainable Improvement

Quality Forum

How many times have we made improvements, only to have things drift back to the way they were before? What can we do within our quality endeavours to avoid getting caught at the end with something that’s not going to stick around?

Creating sustainable change is one of the biggest challenges for improvers, and changes that don’t stick can actually do more harm than good. Sustainability is everyone’s issue, and the good news is wherever you are within an organization or a project team, you can do something to improve it. This full-day, hands-on workshop will explore the key drivers of sustainability as well as some tools to help design and direct interventions that not only do good, but also last. Grow your knowledge in the science of improvement while building the practical skills needed to apply it in a real-life setting to better sustain the progress we make.

By the end of the day, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize sustainability as an inherent part of how improvements should be designed, introduced and monitored;
  2. Define and differentiate between the concepts of spread, scale and sustainability;
  3. Describe the factors that impact the sustainability of quality improvement initiatives;
  4. Apply a sustainability assessment tool to an improvement initiative;
  5. Describe approaches to testing changes in a sustainable manner; and
  6. Identify practical considerations for transitioning from an improvement initiative to a new way of working.

This event is one of two full-day events preceding Quality Forum 2018.