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e-Health Virtual PopUp

Organizers: Canadian Institute for Health Information, Canada Health Infoway and Digital Health Canada
Event website: https://www.e-healthconference.com/
For more information, please contact: info@e-healthconference.com

The e-Health Virtual PopUp is an interactive online event bringing together digital health professionals from across Canada. Just like the traditional e-Health Conference, the e-Health Virtual PopUp promises to be an engaging, lively learning experience, but…. due to physical distancing recommendations put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it will take place online instead of at a physical location.

So, it’s Virtual because it’s entirely online. And it’s a PopUp because it’s something opened quickly to run only for a brief time.

So much more than a webinar

Some people think a virtual conference is basically a webinar or a podcast, but this is much more than that. Just like a regular conference, e-Health Virtual PopUp offers:

  • 26 different speakers and presenters from across Canada
  • Concurrent sessions taking place in separate virtual rooms
  • Plenary panel
  • Virtual tradeshow networking
  • Sponsor Symposium
  • Happy (Half) Hour
  • Keynote speaker

All you have to do is register, find a comfortable spot with a screen, and login. Access all the learning and networking of a major national conference at a special price with minimal downtime and zero travel or accommodation expenses.