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Quality Café: Ensuring Inclusive, Appropriate Health Care for LGBTQ2S+ Seniors

Many of today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit (LGBTQ2S+) seniors have experienced a lifetime of discrimination based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression.

LGBTQ2S+ seniors may feel anxious about the increased vulnerability and loss of independence that can accompany aging. Some fear that they will need to hide their sexual orientation or moderate their gender expression in some way to receive quality health care in primary care, home care and long-term care settings.

In this Quality Café we will look at some of the experiences of LGBTQ2S+ seniors and explore ways that we can provide more affirming and inclusive care.


Nicole Tremblay
Clinical Social Work Educator, Seniors Strategy & Tertiary Mental Health
Island Health

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