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Going Virtual with Diabetes Education in BC — Part 2

A follow-up to the Going Virtual with Diabetes Education webinar on April 29, this one-hour session will offer people supporting diabetes education within health authorities an opportunity to connect, share ideas, tools, processes and resources and help overcome challenges and barriers with implementing virtual care programs that will meet the needs of patients, families and providers.

Please feel free to forward this on to colleagues you think may be interested!


Webinar Recording

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to our resources page along with other key materials shared from the session.


With COVID-19, unprecedented shifts to virtual care are occurring across the health system. While health authorities in BC have collaborated to deploy technology to facilitate the move to virtual care, this is still a work in progress. Diabetes Education programs are now beginning to incorporate these technologies into their existing workflows, recreating new workflows, and modifying their models of care to support patients and their adaptation to this new way of delivering care.  Lots of change is already underway and lots is yet to come!

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