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Is Your Mom On Drugs? If We Knew Then What We Know Now

Join Johanna Trimble and Alan Cassels for a discussion about what to do if you suspect an elder is taking too many pills.

Johanna Trimble will tell her personal story of how she and family members worked together to identify and stop a potentially fatal drug interaction experienced by her mother-in-law Fervid Trimble. Researcher and author Alan Cassels, who has studied and written about the problems of multiple drug use in older people, will help tease out the lessons learned from this story in order to help participants prepare to deal with similar circumstances themselves.

This interactive webinar with Johanna and Alan, hosted by the Canadian Deprescribing Network, will allow plenty of time for questions and briefly discuss:

  • Why you should be careful about any new drug added to a seniors’ drug regime.
  • What can happen when a new drug is added to the medications list.
  • Signs of adverse drug reactions or drug interactions and where you can turn for help.
  • How drugs are developed and tested and why we have to be particularly cautious when prescribing drugs to older people.
  • What Johanna’s family could have done then, if they knew what they know now.
  • What you could do to help when you suspect there is a problem with prescription drugs in your older family or friends.

This is an online event. When you register, you’ll receive an email with information for how to join the webinar from your computer or phone.

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