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Networks Leadership Symposium 2018 – Networks as Balancing Acts: Managing Inherent Tensions?

Networks Leadership Symposium 2018

Since 2005, a collaborative of individuals and organizations from across Canada and the United States has planned and hosted seven international Networks Leadership Symposia (NLS). This year, the eighth symposium will focus on networks as balancing acts: managing inherent tensions.

Why participate in NLS 2018?

Participants will explore a broad range of network tensions and how, or if, they can be managed. Some typical tensions that require balancing are:

  • collaboration versus competition
  • shared goals in the face of diverse interests
  • loyalty to the network or to your organization
  • flexibility versus accountability.

While many of the networks being explored at NLS 2018 will be embedded in health jurisdictions, the very nature of their complex and compelling situations makes their experiences transcend particular environments. The goal of the symposium is to share learnings that go well beyond the boundaries of health systems.

NLS 2018 will embrace an interactive, inquiry-based approach to encourage dialogue. Its objectives are to:

  • examine how working in networks often requires a balancing act
  • explore if and how inherent tensions in networks can be practically managed
  • discuss the key characteristics of highly functioning networks
  • share lessons learned and realities of networks from different sectors and locations
  • explore the importance of a developing a collaborative culture as key to growth and sustainability
  • review recent innovations in network research, practice and evaluation.

Who should attend?

Practitioners, researchers, policy or decision makers, and funders from diverse fields who have an interest in supporting or exploring the value of networks as vehicles for change in the service of the public good. Registration is limited to encourage active participation among registrants and with presenters.

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