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No One Should Have No One: Tackling Loneliness Together

From Social Isolation to Inclusion

This free public lecture with Angela Keating is part of the SFU Gerontology Research Centre’s John K. Friesen Conference.

About the Speaker

Angela Kitching is the Head of External Affairs at AGE UK, the largest charity in the UK that works with older people. She has worked for Age UK for over 11 years and her current role is to influence the UK Government on issues of concern to older people.

Angela leads Age UK’s work in the Parliament of Westminster and in the charity’s public campaigns. She has shaped the national Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness and using media, campaigns and political influencing has helped to achieve the UK’s first government minister for loneliness.

Angela’s principal objective is to achieve change in UK social policy. She is particularly interested in connecting elected representatives with people’s life experiences.

She is an alumnus of the Government of Japan’s Core Young Leaders of Civil Society programme (2006), is an AMEX Charity Leaders graduate (2007) and has recently completed the National Council of Voluntary Organisation’s Charity Leaders 2020 programme (2017). Angela graduated with an MA in Ethics from the University of London and a BA in English from the University of York.