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Patient Engagement Learning Series: Culturally Safe Patient Engagement (Webinar 2)

Interested in learning more about the meaningful and active engagement of patients, family members and caregivers in health care decisions to improve the quality of care for all? Join us for an online four-part Patient Engagement Learning Series from 12:00 – 1:00 PM every second Wednesday of the month starting in February!

Webinar 2: Culturally Safe Patient Engagement – What Matters to Indigenous Patient Partners

PresentersCathy Almost & Tina Miller


To learn more about culturally safe and appropriate ways to engage Indigenous patient partners, join us for a webinar where we’ll interact with a resource tool kit that teaches culturally safe behaviours to help you and your organization. All the ideas being presented are wrapped around culturally safe principles that emerged from dialogues with our Indigenous patient partners who gave their voices to create the resource guide and pamphlet.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider key factors for the culturally safe and appropriate facilitation of patient engagement.
  • Apply specific actions to improve Indigenous relationship-building and support cultural safety in Indigenous patient engagement.
  • Locate and understand how to utilize our new resources on culturally safe engagement.

Additional Resources:

Register and learn more about the events on the Patient Voices Network’s website.