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Patient Engagement Learning Series: Measuring the Success and Impact of Patient Engagement (Webinar 4)

Interested in learning more about the meaningful and active engagement of patients, family members and caregivers in health care decisions to improve the quality of care for all? Join us for an online four-part Patient Engagement Learning Series from 12:00 – 1:00 PM every second Wednesday of the month starting in February!

Webinar 4: Measuring the Success and Impact of Patient Engagement – Evaluation and Closing the Loop

Presenters: Kira Tozer & Janet Bauer

Evaluation & closing the loop: Assessing and sharing the “how,” “what” and “so what?” of patient engagement.

Make the most of your minutes and plan ahead to create an evaluation approach that will be easy to use and meaningful for all involved. This session will review some key components of process and outcome evaluation in patient engagement, share tools and strategies for data collection and discuss the importance of “closing the loop” to share back and communicate impact with patient partners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate between process and outcome measurements in patient engagement
  • Identify opportunities to embed evaluation activities into an engagement
  • Describe the key components of “closing the loop”

Additional Resources: 10 Tips for Closing the Loop

Register and learn more about the events on the Patient Voices Network’s website.