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Putting Health Care Processes on the Map

Putting Health Care Processes on the Map

Are you involved in improvement planning and looking for an effective tool to engage patients, families, clinicians, decision makers and others? Look no further! Mapping can help show you the way.

This interactive workshop will explore various approaches to mapping health care processes and experiences in support of facilitating engagement. The focus of the session will include components of process mapping, value stream mapping and patient journey mapping. We’ll also translate theory into practice by providing an opportunity to try facilitating these different types of mapping sessions and equip participants to apply what they learn in their own context.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize how mapping can help facilitate engagement
  • Determine the most appropriate type of mapping for an improvement effort
  • Apply strategies for planning and leading successful mapping sessions in a health care setting
  • Analyze mapping outcomes and determine key considerations moving forward

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Questions? Contact Edward Elkins, Leader | Capability Development, at eelkins@bcpsqc.ca or 604.668.8253.