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Quality Café: Inside the Quality Forum – People-Powered Improvement

This month’s Quality Café is a special edition with a new format! Typically, we connect you with a presenter and topic that help to build your skillset for improving quality across our health care system. But for February’s event, we’re coming to you live from Quality Forum 2018 with a tell-all panel of experts who will answer one question: How do you stay motivated to execute your improvement work, through the highs and the lows?

Join us for a look inside the Forum, our biggest event of the year with more than 1,200 attendees over three days! Stay until the end, when we’ll share an overview of the programming for the next two days of conferences, details on how you can tune in to sessions through our live-stream, and how to join in on Forum discussions through your social media.

It’s time to take a deep breath in, exhale and celebrate the people side of improvement!


Host: Fatima Al-Roubaiai
Leader, Capability Development
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

No recording available.