So What Does Quality Mean, Anyway? Using the Updated BC Health Quality Matrix

When June 17, 2020, 1200 to 1300
Where WebEx
Cost Free
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Quality Café

The BC Health Quality Matrix provides a common language and understanding about quality. It answers the question: What do we mean by the “quality” of care?

After a decade since its creation, it was time to update the Matrix. Last year, partners across British Columbia’s health system were brought together to incorporate the latest evidence and to ensure that our definition of quality honours the history and teachings of Indigenous peoples in BC. It now goes beyond previous frameworks by integrating a more holistic, representative understanding of quality.

The updated Matrix was released in February 2020 and this Quality Café will be an opportunity to learn about the changes. It will include an overview of the core components of quality and illustrate practical ways to use the Matrix in planning, assessing and improving care. The session is intended to support those working to improve quality by equipping attendees to apply the broadened and strengthened definition of quality in their own care settings and/or communities following the webinar.

After attending this Quality Café, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe quality as understood through the Matrix, including the relational nature of care, the seven Dimensions of Quality and the five Areas of Care.
  2. Reflect on the tangible ways that the Matrix can be used in planning, assessing and/or delivering care across the continuum.


Ben Ridout
Director, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Chelsea Hochfilzer
Leader, Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Mark Matthew
a/Director, Quality
First Nations Health Authority

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