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Spotlight on Innovation: Abbotsford and Pacific Northwest Divisions of Family Practice

Abbotsford Division of Family Practice

Abbotsford has a high instance of low chronic disease that can be managed and offset through preventative clinical care. Part of this care includes ease of access to nutrition counselling provided by a Registered Dietitian (RD) at a location familiar to the patient: their Family Practice clinic. From September 2015 to March 2017, the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice (ADoFP) A GP for Me Registered Dietitians in the Clinics pilot project tested the utilization of a full time Fraser Health RD as part of integrated care in ten community primary clinics. Health outcomes included patient weight loss, reduced Hemoglobin A1C levels, and intentional weight gain for those underweight or suffering from malnutrition. The program has continued beyond the pilot through a partnership between the ADoFP and Fraser Health.

Learning objectives:

    • Implementing a team-based care pilot;
    • Sustaining a team-based care program;
    • Program outcomes; and
    • Shift to include virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice

CHANGE – Canadian Health Advanced by Nutrition and Graded Exercise BC – Leading Health System Transformation and Sustainability

CHANGE BC brings primary care innovation to the forefront of health system transformation. Based on evidence from diet and exercise research in Family Practice, the CHANGE BC Program focuses on long-term changes and overall well-being. It simultaneously targets the conditions that often progress to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, while reducing the need for medication. Be part of the exciting innovation and sustainability dialogue led by provincial and national award winning CHANGE BC Family Physicians: Dr. Jocelyn Black from Haida Gwaii, and Dr. Onuora Odoh from Houston British Columbia.

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Speaker Bios


Danielle Edwards

Danielle Edwards is the Programs Lead of the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice and has over ten years collaboratively leading health projects. She has a passion for preventative health, quality improvement, and community health initiatives.



Dr. Jocelyn Black

Dr. Jocelyn Black is a family medicine physician from a rural and remote focused training program in British Columbia. Dr. Black is passionate about primary care and prevention and also enjoys the other services she provide as a full-service family doctor. In her free time Dr. Black enjoys hiking, surfing, running and foraging for wild berries and mushrooms.



Dr. Onuora Odoh

Dr. Onuora Odoh is a family physician with a strong interest in preventive medicine. He believes that a healthy lifestyle saves and improves lives by significantly preventing the development and progression of most chronic and complex medical conditions. This passion has led to his leading and actively participating in public health-promoting programs including CHANGE BC, an oral health education program for rural elementary school children and, community programs in substance use disorder and COPD care.



Webinar Recording

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to our resources page along with other key materials shared from the session.

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