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SQAN Day: Spreading Innovation in Surgical Care

SQAN Day is just around the corner! You can expect a full-day interactive event with opportunities to learn about innovative practices, share ideas, network with colleagues and  influence SQAN activities.

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Our Shared Goals

  • Learn and share diverse perspectives on improving care for surgical patients with colleagues from across the province;
  • Increase participant knowledge of successful improvement initiatives and practical tools that can enhance their own work;
  • Uncover and align information that supports and accelerates work associated with the provincial Surgical Action Plan, and
  • Increase participant understanding of how to use data to inform, support and drive improvements in surgical care quality.

Program Highlights

  • Right care at the right time: Learning from the Ontario wait time experience | Keynote by Dr. Bob Bell
  • Breaking barriers & building bridges to improve care quality | featuring:
    • Did I miss anything? Improving handover from the OR to PICU at BC Children’s Hospital (Mona Patel & Liz Lamb, BC Children’s Hospital)
    • Establishing a new pain management pathway for hip fracture patients at Providence Health Care (Trina Montemurro, Providence Health) 
  • Standards that stick: Exploring team-based approaches to reducing variation | learn about:
    • Victoria Enhanced Recovery for Arthroplasty (Alison Dormuth, Island Health) 
    •  BC Specialist Trauma Advisory Network (David Evans, Vancouver Coastal Health & BC STAN) 
  • Striking the balance in surgical care: A multi-perspective look at innovation and its impact | featuring:
    • Should we consider performing elective procedures on weekends? A Colonoscopy Example (Dave Konkin & Jackie Askew, Fraser Health)
    • Small group discussions: As we’re redesigning the system in BC, what do we need to be aware of and plan for to support caregivers?

Physician Funding

The Specialist Services Committee will support travel, accommodations and sessional fees for Specialists currently working in BC. Contact SSC Leader Geoff Schierbeck at gschierbeck@doctorsofbc.ca for more information.
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