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TEAM Framework: Evaluating Team-Based Care

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Presented by the UBC Innovation Support Unit, our Team Up! Season One wrap-up webinar will provide an overview of the Team-Based Care Evaluation and Adoption Model (TEAM) Framework. The presentation will highlight one dimension – Capacity and Access – and share a new tool to support its measurement in the context of primary care teams.

This session will:

  • Introduce the newly refined TEAM framework.
  • Build understanding of the aspects of capacity and access measurement for primary care teams.
  • Engage participants in the prioritization dimensions of team-based care in the context of evaluation.
  • Share the CAMP survey tool as a team-based care evaluation resources.

This is the next installment of Team Up! Team-Based Primary & Community Care in Action, a series that aims to connect individuals and teams, identify tools to apply to current work underway and share experiences in team-based care across the province. Don’t miss this chance to Team Up! with the different members that make up care teams across the province and expand your vision of what working in team-based care could mean for you, your patients and your team!


Elka Humphrys

Elka Humphrys (PhD) emigrated from the UK in May 2020 and now lives on the traditional territories of the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples and the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations. Elka is a Research Coordinator with the Innovation Support Unit in the Department of Family Practice at UBC and has experience in mixed methods research design and healthcare database development. Elka’s research interests focus on understanding individual and community engagement with healthcare services, and identifying opportunities to improve health outcomes.

Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper (he/him) (MSc) is a settler of European descent living on the shared lands of the Coast Salish peoples, and is a research analyst with the ISU. He has experience in team-building, quality-improvement initiatives, digital communications, and a background in health and exercise physiology research. His research interests include systems improvement, facilitation of health systems change and measurement of capacity in primary care.

Sarah Fletcher

Sarah Fletcher (she/her) is a settler of European descent, living on the territories of the Llkwungen speaking popeles and the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations. Lkwung means “to smoke herring” and Lkwngen ‘athun refers to the language of the land. Sarah is the research manager for the Innovation Support Unit (ISU) in the department of Family Practice at UBC. She is a Medical Anthropologist with expertise in participatory research design, facilitation and community engagement, design thinking, health systems change, team based care and evaluation.


This webinar will be recorded and uploaded the team-based care resource page, along with other key materials shared from the session.

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