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The Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians 2021 Virtual Event

UBC presents the Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians half-day virtual conference for healthcare providers looking to improve their practice. The keynote speaker, Julia Belluz, host of “Show Me the Evidence”, a journalist and senior health correspondent for Vox, joins the conference to examine the science behind major headlines in health and medicine. Julia has covered topics including the anti-vaccine movement, shed light on major American health problems, and debunked popular pseudoscience media figures. Participants will also receive  practical, evidence-based prescribing advice from the Therapeutics Initiative faculty including Dr. Tom Perry, Dr. Aaron M Tejani, Dr. Josh Levin and Dr. Jamie Falk.

Julia Belluz – Show Me the Evidence https://www.vox.com/show-me-the-evidence 

Check out the full agenda of speakers and register today on the UBC CPD website.